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In the past, shopping for DSL lines meant doing the research yourself. Recently, agents who specialize in high speed DS1 (T1) and DS3 (T3) lines have popped up to volunteer to do this research for you, by hand, in less than 7 days. If you are looking to price out bandwidth and routers for your WAN or LAN network in less than a week, you would fine nothing but frustration and eventually high prices. You perform a search in your favorite search engine and you see millions of pages, all of which claim to save you money. In reality what your are seeing are a bunch of internet marketing entrepreneurs who know little about dedicated service at all. They create simple HTML forms that look like they have been programmed by a seventh grade student which captures your information, and either sends it to every vendor in the universe or some in-house former used-car salesman who will sell you whatever will pay him the biggest bonus. The internet is littered with this garbage, confusing customers and leaving a sour taste in their collective mouth. What started out as a search for competitively priced dedicated services has turned into a circus!

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